Our CE / IVD validated rapid tests are ideal and effective to perform local primary screening of the Corona virus, within 15 minutes you will have a specific result on the spot, as soon as a person tests positive, a PCR test is still strictly necessary via the regular national channels!

Our focus and target group is mainly located on the business market and / or government institutions. Such as production sites, airports, fulfillment for Webshops, comprehensive schools, medical institutions and police units.

Global Care Company offers you the possibility to deliver 20/100 pieces per box (U.D.A *), this results in logistical advantages and fast implementation by means of fewer actions.

By means of antigen detection and / or screening you can protect your company against unnecessary costs, delays and / or other calamities, and you also contribute to national screening from the government.

Measuring is knowing... Be smart!

* Unit delivery appropriate

Ensure the health and safety of your employees
Keep your business and production running
Give your customers / visitors peace of mind in difficult times
Act responsibly and be an example to follow

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